Find Your Niche… Or Else!

So many thoughts rush through your mind when you decide to start blogging. The internet is such a huge place and blogging gives you such a diverse platform to which you can explore such an array of ideas.ย  The first clear question was, where do you begin? The one particular recommendation that everybody was telling me was to ‘find your niche’, or ‘explore what you’re passionate about, or what you’re good at’. This only really got me frustrated. The quandary wasn’t that I had a lack of passion but instead a lack of direction. A lot of young people are hearing this lately. They’re getting told that they’re born with one particular passion or desire for their future and the discovery of this one passion will set forth your entire direction. As if trying to organise your future to such an extent is desirable? Whose idea was that, anyways? Are we really created to exhaust one particular path for our whole lives? I’m here to suggest that maybe it’s not that simple and boring (Thank God!), and that the real question should be ‘What do we really enjoy and how do we share that?’.

Well now that I’ve finally gathered up the courage, and I’ve put aside any worldly remark that says you may only specialize in one particular area, I’m ready to embark on a little project of discovery. There’s so many areas of life that I’m ready to explore and I’m looking forward to finally being able to share it.

I hope that this blog is able to live up to its full purpose, and perhaps more, which is to challenge society’s conventional beliefs and go after what really inspires people. I hope that this space will grow into a creative area where the common and the curious can explore different aspects of life – design, travel, ideas, fashion, relationships, Jesus, healthy living, lifestyle and more.

Maybe together we can use this space to Discover, Design, Inspire, Encourage and Share.

You don’t have to find your niche straight away – this may happen over time and may change at different stages of your life, but instead I hope that we discover something even more outrageous! Maybe, just maybe, in a world where so many people are left feeling like they don’t have a say, we might find a voice.




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