Hi, My name’s Brielle. Looks like you’ve stumbled upon my little blog – well gee, isn’t that nice!

The vision for my blog is to create a working space where I can draw out of my current life experiences and create a place where a community of uninspired human beings can congregate. Maybe you’ll find a place to be inspired? Maybe you’ll discover a little bit about yourself? Maybe you might feel encouraged? Or maybe you just might find this a neat little place to read through on occasion?

Anywho, you’ve now stumbled upon my blog and there’s no going back – whether you are or aren’t here for long, I hope you feel encouraged and outrageously inspired in some way or another!

Feel free to sign up for email updates or follow me !

Enjoy your stay,

Brielle x


Little Bit More About Me


Name: Brielle Elisabeth Glanz

Pronounce it: Just like gabrielle but without the Ga – No need to muck it up.

Current Age: 17

Place: Perth, Western Australia

Favourite Place: The Beach

Favourite Things to Do: Travel, worship God and be ridiculously happy.


Ya ya, so that’s pretty much me – If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the fancy ‘Contact’ link in the menu bar.




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